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About us

Successful pioneers all have a few things in common; dedication, hard work and great experience. The story about Elfa is based on just this.

The Swedish storage innovator and engineer Arne Lydmar founded the business in the late 1940s which soon blossomed into the market leader they are today. With the simple vision of creating space through personalized and smart storage solutions, Elfa was surely on to something. It started with a simple hang solution which would come to revolutionize home storage as we knew it.

Now with more than 60 years of experience in the storage industry, Elfa offers not only smart and practical design but also innovative up-to-date solutions for the modern home. Elfa constantly develops new ideas for every part of your home, introducing new functional organizing for every part of your home - from the kitchen to the garage.

Today, Elfa is well known for first class functionality combined with modern design and exceptional quality in three categories: a drawer system, a shelving system and made to measure sliding doors. All three solutions can be combined and customized for ultimate storage wherever you want it. Need more space? Explore what Elfa can do for you!

Elfa – an overview

1948 – A star is born! Elfa is founded in Stockholm, Sweden by the storage innovator Arne Lydmar.

1950s – The famous wire drawer goes into production

1960s – The production is moved to Västervik, Sweden. Frame sets for the wire drawers are added to the assortment.

1970s – A new factory opens in Västervik. Elfa becomes key supplier to the newly founded ”The Container Store” in Dallas/USA.

1983 – Elfa merge with the rack and bracket giant Sparring.

1990 – The head office is relocated to Västervik.

1992 – The Sparring production is moved to Västervik.

1996 – Elfa acquire the Norwegian competitor NoGa, a strong player in the sliding doors segment. The Container Store becomes the sole Elfa distributer on the North American market.

1999 – The Container Store becomes the new owner of Elfa.

2002 – Elfa acquires the sliding doors producer Luminator AB, the main competitor on the Swedish market.

2007 – Elfa acquires Finish sliding door producer Kirena, market leading in both sliding doors and wardrobe interior on the Finish market.

2007 – Elfa acquires the German companies Peko and its sister company Pekodom, market leaders in Germany in shelving systems and DIY shelving solutions.

2011 - Establishing a group management and head office in Malmoe/Sweden.

2011 - Elfa acquires Lumi Norway A/S, the main performer in Norway for the “project market”.

2012 - Elfa moves the sliding door manufacturing business to Luminator (Mullsjö)

2013 - Elfa divest the Peko- and the Pekodom business.

2013 - The NoGa brand was liquidated.

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